Restful Sunday {Free Printable}

1John4Have a restful Sunday!

Chair Makeover

One thing that I will always pull off of the road for is a good junk sale. I almost always pass by the sales filled with clothes and toys. But throw in some old furniture (especially inside a barn, old warehouse, or out in a field), and I am there.

I love stuff with a story.


Egg crate box before2

Ugly Dresser1

TIede's Metal

Last fall, I followed a dirty dusty road with signs that said “Primitives for Sale”.

Everything was out on the grass and everything was really cheap (another favorite of mine).

I came upon this beauty and knew it was going home.


There was no padding on the seat, only springs. The vinyl pattern was classic. And the wood frame was solid. I think I paid $3 for it.


It sat in our garage for awhile, until I found a patio chair cushion on clearance at the end of the summer, found fabric on clearance to match and covered a thrift store pillow with the same fabric.


I kept the wood the same color, but have been contemplating painting it white.


It really is simple to have furniture you like, that you can make your own, at a good price. Keep your eyes open for those junk sales!

Dinner Recipes {Free Printable}

I have baskets of laundry overflowing in my bedroom.

The 8-year-old is in bed early with a fever.

I had 2 (count ‘em, people…2) diet Cokes today (waaaayyy past my limit).

The car is making a funny sound.

These things will work themselves out.

The bright side of these last few weeks is that I have been cooking dinner. Every. Single. Night. (Right?)

It’s this whole stay-on-a-budget thing. Not always fun, man. Not always fun.

So I have grabbed these recipes from others’ giftedness of cooking.

Egg Rolls

Taco Casserole

Mushroom Soup

Asparagus Risotto

I can’t even pretend that I can make up recipes. That is why I am grateful that others do. Gifts working together…it’s a beautiful thing.


Amazon Paint {Review}

When we moved into our house 7 months ago, the colors on the walls were wild. Unimaginable. Wow.


J’s & A’s room


Opposite wall (yes, that’s black)


C’s room (didn’t stay pink for long!)

And the kitchen…


Don’t get me wrong-I love yellow. I’m actually on a yellow and gray kick. But this was so bright that it bothered me. It still does.

But as we got started, I began to realize how expensive it is to paint a whole house at a time. So we did a little bit at a time, mostly with paint from our local hardware or home store.

And because we’ve done kitchens first, the dining room/kitchen has stayed yellow.

Until this weekend.

We were browsing our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and stumbled upon Amazon Paint.


Amazon Paint is:

  • lower in price (we paid $15.95 for one gallon)
  • environmentally friendly
  • available in a variety of colors

I chose the Vintage Buff color, since I wanted to tone down the yellow but stay in that same family.


My first impression was that it was a bit runny and needed a lot of coats in order to cover the wall, but I quickly realized that it just needed to be stirred a little bit extra. After that, it covered well and only required 2 coats to cover the ghastly yellow.



The only downside to this paint that I could see was that it was a little less thick than your typical wall paint, but the coverage was great. I love that I can walk into my ReStore and grab a few cans, without having to have it mixed. It fits our budget and it’s helping to protect the environment. Awesome!





Even the cat is thrilled!


Read more about Amazon Paint here.

Have a super week!

Encouragement {Five Minute Friday}

It’s something we all need. It’s what I often don’t give enough of.

My Jesus-sister-friend Michele does it well. So does Cassia.

“You’re pretty”, they say. “You are a good friend”.

Even on the days when I don’t feel it, they say it. And they mean it.

And it’s a boost to my spirit.

When I made that mistake at work this morning, I can hear them in my ear.

When I compare myself or I let the dust settle or I just get in that what-does-it-matter funk.

I can hear them.

And I wish you could hear me when I say to you: you’re worth it.

Every time you pick them up for another hug.

Every time you try to make the checkbook balance.

Every time you hold back and let the biting comments diffuse instead of letting them cut.

It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Even though I may not believe it for me, I believe it for you.

Probably we should say it more. Probably instead of just thinking the nice things, we should voice them. Even if we think it’s little.

Encouragement. It matters.