Using a Dremel Tool to Hand Scroll

Yesterday was such a great Saturday, with spring-like weather and good family time with the little men.

It was also nice enough to open the garage and get out the Dremel tool to make an attempt at some scrolling work on the soon-to-be-finished dresser turned buffet or whatever it will be. 


Earlier this week, I picked up a stencil pattern I liked, then went back and forth about painting it, until Mr. Fresh Thrift suggested using a Dremel tool to hand scroll the pattern.

He stenciled the pattern on lightly with a pencil, then went through each design with the Dremel grinding stone to add the detail.

I have to admit that I’ve put so much work into this piece that I was a bit hesitant to allow him to take a tool to it, but I am pretty happy with the results.

 Now–to leave it natural, or stain all of those little details?

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