Making an Antique {Looking} Sign

Oftentimes, there are scraps of wood hanging around my garage, begging to be used. They may be lumber from the hardware store, or scraps from a rescued piece of furniture.


There are unlimited possibilities with these scraps, and one project I worked on for a Christmas gift is using one of these scraps to make a sign that looked antique, but wasn’t.

Blessings sign

What you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint, in your choice of colors
  • Phrase or word of your choice (typed in font of your choice, printed out)                       
  • Transfer paper (craft store)
  • Wood board      
  • Paint brushes (1/2′, 1", 2")
  • Antique medium or wood wax                                                                             

Paint your board in the color you’ve chosen. Add a border (if you desire) in a coordinating color. Allow to dry.


Adjust the size of your printed-out phrase to fit your board. This may take a few tries.

When you have the font you like and it is sized to fit your board, place the transfer paper underneath the font and trace your word or phrase with a ball point pen.

Paint the letters with a color of your choice. Allow to dry.

Outline the phrase you traced with a darker coordinating paint color. Allow to dry.

After the board is completely dry, go over the whole piece with an antique stain (I used an antique medium I found at Hobby Lobby located near the acrylic paints).


 When that dries, use the force of the sandpaper! Go over the piece with not too much pressure, but enough to get a good "old" look.

Attach hangers and volia! An easy weekend project that makes a fantastic wall hanging or gift!


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